The following videos were produced during my practice work in Marin County, California, while affiliated with another firm. I am now based in Prescott, Arizona, and am affiliated with Stratos Wealth Partners. These videos address relevant financial planning topics which is why I continue to provide the content.

Love and the Law, WOM 1-23-19

This one half hour video addresses how laws and tax codes affect our decisions about money with loved ones. Guests in this video are family law attorney Abby Lucha, estate planning attorney Jennifer Cowan, and psychologist and book author Dr. Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D.

Filmed for CMCM-TV, Channel 26, Marin County. Available as a replay here and on

Intro, Savvy Strategies for Social Security

In this fast-paced discussion of Social Security claiming strategies, guests CPA Tamara Hull and Attorney Georgeana Roussos discuss ways to maximize payouts. Kathleen Nemetz, MBA, CFP, moderates.

The pluses and pitfalls of claiming early rather than at full retirement age or age 70 are reviewed, as well as taxation of benefits for people who work while receiving them. A separate follow on supplement also delves into best ways to claim on the work record of a deceased or ex-spouse.

Investment income can also result in Social Security taxation, depending on one's age. Kathleen Nemetz reviews ways to invest for supplemental income that can minimize these other taxes on benefits.

Finally, Tamara talks about self employment and all participants talk about how to best manage one's work credits for life, when qualifying for Social Security and building one’s account for benefits. Produced for CMCM-TV, Community Media Television of Marin.

Retirement Income, Creating an Investments Paycheck, Women on Money episode, CMCM-TV

In this show, we discussed the best claiming strategies for Social Security and use of investment income to finance the many years of retirement. While retirement finances can be a dry topic, we chose to have fun with our discussion by focusing on a hypothetical couple, Harry and Hilda Hipster of Marin County, wealthy but overspending parents who have two adult children often needing handouts.

Our conversation about this couple and what we would advise for their situation threaded in insights about the state of local real estate, strategies for buying investment properties for income, and best practices for managing taxes, benefits, and investment income sources. We also discussed relative cost savings for downsizing and relocation out of state compared to expected costs in the Bay Area of California.

Our intent in recording this conversation was to inform viewers about the necessary guard rails when planning for retirement finances. All can go well after one stops working, until fundamental assumptions about retirement change. Then, even well planned scenarios can run off track.

Guests for this program were Toni Esposti, investor; Homa Rassouli, reverse mortgage expert; Georgeana Roussos, Social Security attorney; and Karen Hawkey, banking manager.

Five female experts join in a roundtable discussion for this edition of Women On Money, a CMCM-TV production, Marin County television.

Credit Repair and Real Estate from Kathleen Nemetz

Wills, Trusts and Aging Parents, for the Women on Money episode featuring a roundtable discussion by 5 female experts. Recorded for CMCM TV, channel 26, Marin.

Three experts share about when and how to keep a house as part of a divorce settlement. Host and producer Kathleen Nemetz interviews guests Ron Moss, CPA, Tax Principal, at Eckhoff & Company; and Charlotte Huggins, family law attorney. One half hour, talk show format. Produced for CMCM-TV, Marin County, California, as another episode of the Women On Money (TM) series , for public television. Replays available on after initial show airing..

This video is about FINANCING LIFE TRANSITIONS WITH REAL ESTATE. Four experts, all female, all from Marin County, join host and moderator Kathleen Nemetz of Women On Money to discuss financing life transitions using real estate. Panelists are Rachel Ginis, founding director, Lily Pad Homes, Tina Marie Humphrey, general contractor and owner, Buildergirl Construction, Mary Jo Lafaye, reverse mortgage expert, Retirement Lending Solutions, and Renee Marcelle, real estate and family law attorney and candidate for Marin County judge. For more information about the show and its guests

This video is about investing in multi family residential and commercial real estate. Participants are host and moderator Kathleen Nemetz, Certified Financial Planner, LPL Financial; Katherine Higgins, Realtor, Paragon Real Estate; Julie Garfield, Real Estate Attorney; Suzanne Diliberto, Mortgage Banker, Guarantee Mortgage; and Toni Esposti, 1031 exchange expert, Old Republic Exchange Company. This is an episode of Women On Money, a quarterly program airing on CMCM-TV, Marin County, California, channel 26. For information about the show see

Money Decisions for Life, Women on Money | February 2016
Donna McDaneld, tax expert; Rosette Pollock, mortgage banker; Susan Hewitt, Realtor; Joann Babiak, attorney and mediator

Prenups and Postnups & Muddle in the Middle | December 2015
Regina Bianucci Rus, CPA; Dr. Wendy Lyon, Ph.D., psychologist; and Sarah Davis, family law attorney.